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O! Beehave was created to be a resource for classy individuals or couples that want to learn more about healthy relationships in a safe environment (free from pornographic and crude content). We feature resources for men and women at varying stages of their relationships that contain lighter material to more intimate issues.


We use a scale of 1 flower and 1-3 bees. A flower on an article means it will be safe to read with kids in the room, with article topics such as “How to charm him” or “20 fun date ideas.” The bee articles will include more intimate topics, such as “Why I waited for marriage” (1 bee) or “Sex toys in a relationship” (3 bees).


We also recommend certain items that you may want to purchase, as we believe they will enhance the intimacy in your relationship. Please be aware that some of these products are linked to Amazon. We are affiliated with Amazon and receive a small commission if you follow our links! This helps us be able to focus on providing more content for you!


We recommend glancing at the following pages:

  1. Discussion– public forums in which you can comment and communicate with other users in a safe atmosphere.
  2. Product Guide– a guide to choosing intimate products usually including pros, cons, and uses
  3. Tools and Resources– this page allows you to explore new technique and possibilities when it comes to the bedroom! Check back often to see what is new!


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