Essential Oils for Setting the Mood

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Have you ever considered essential oils in the bedroom?

Hopefully by now heard of essential oils, brands like Doterra, Young living oils and P&J come to mind. Basically, they are condensed oils from plants, flowers, or fruits. These oils have been gaining more and more popular over the past couple of years. This rising fame is due to many things from the range of relaxing us to their natural ability to treat and cure bodily ailments. But what if they had a sexier use too? Here are our top eight essential oils for setting the mood in the bedroom.

QUICK DISCLAIMER: Be careful when you first begin using oils. potency will vary from brand to brand! Skin can be sensitive to these oils and they should be used with caution. While it is fun to experiment be careful, nothing ruins the mood like rashes and pain. Consider yourselves advised.

Using Oils

We have a defuser that is also a light that can really help set the mood. You may also mix the oils into a nice massage oil by adding them to coconut oil. Not only does increase the quantity of oil you have to work with but it also brings down the potency. coconut oil is also a great moisturizer as well. If you don’t have a diffuser yet I found this really cute one! Pineapples are the symbol for hospitality after all! (There are some cheaper ones you can find as well!)

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They come by the dozen, enjoy “feeling like they are flying” the bow of boats, and has been a symbol of love since the beginning. Did you know Rose oil is full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants? Along with all that rose oil, it can moisturize skin as well as function as an antiseptic and astringent. Rose oil has been found to calm nerves and it smells great! Sprinkle a couple drops on each pillow and you’ll be off to a wonderful to start for the evening.

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If you are a fan of the Harry Potter series, you’d recognize Lavender Brown as one of the first love interest in the series. Aptly named, lavender also seems to have the magical ability helping us fall more in love. Other benefits that lavender oil can be used for is to lower anxiety, stress, and pain. Lavender also promotes good sleep, enhance blood circulation, and give you a well-restedness. Being relaxed is one of the most important parts to having a successful sexy evening!

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Almond is a scent that has been shown to drive ladies crazy! With its sweet scent, almond oil can inspire romance and relax the body. Most almond oils are enriched with vitamin A & E which make them great to use as a lotion. It promotes healthy skin and UV protection. Almond oil helps your skin to be soft, smooth and with fewer wrinkles. The oil is also good at exfoliating skin and combating acne which can be very refreshing!

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Known as a classic smell of winter. Peppermint oil is a must for the bedroom! Not only does peppermint soothe headaches, it also to relax and helps to focus (who wouldn’t want a little more attention in the bedroom?) Peppermint is also a very clean smell so that is a plus. Be careful about getting it in your eyes though!

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The next essential oil has been used for hundreds of years and even had a Disney princess named after it. Jasmine oil is shown to increase alertness, vigor, and sensuality. This unique oil can balance hormones, increase the libido, and reduce insomnia. Jasmine can also help with depression and anxiety. The Jasmine flower also produces indole, which is that the same sexy smell that comes from blooming trees in the spring.

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Have you ever noticed how travelling can set the perfect mood for making love? Have you ever felt as if the scent given off the wood of the trees increase your sexual desire for your partner? Sandalwood oil has been shown to give both males and females more intense orgasms. It’s true! This essential oil can be found natively in Asia. Sandalwood has many uses, among them anti-inflammatory, memory booster, and sedative.

(See our article on “why travelling is so important for relationships.”)

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Another classic scent of the fall and winter season is cinnamon. The smell of cinnamon has been shown to increase blood flow to the sex organs.  It also has been shown to increase brain function. This essential oil is a very clean, smelling spice that can increase the sexy atmosphere.  See our other article on creating a newlywed atmosphere. If you are feeling extra adventurous add a single drop onto the sexy parts of either partner.

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Known as one of the finest of the flavors, vanilla. Vanilla has been shown increase the level of happiness in an individual. This oil doesn’t have to be saved exclusively for the bedroom. While in the bedroom it has been shown to increase libido, it has also been shown to decrease the uncomfortable symptoms of PMS and overall stay healthy! Use this oil in your house, and you may find that you will become a happier and better people because of it.

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Why limit it to Oils alone?

While all these oils are wonderful you may consider including them in different ways to spice up the evening. For example, buy a dozen roses and give them to your partner or sprinkling the petals on your bed. Go on a date to get or make root-beer floats or pumpkin pie (a good blend of vanilla and cinnamon). How about going for a walk through jasmine gardens while drinking an almond bubble tea? 

There are tons of ways to use these scents to set the mood. However, you incorporate them into your evening at least now you have the essentials.


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