Choosing a Lubricant

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Choosing a Lubricant

It’s easy to get lost while looking through the many varieties of sex lubricants on the market; especially with each one claiming to be the best. Knowing the differences between the types of lubrication will help your shopping and sexual experience. If you wonder whether or not to introduce a lubricant into your sex life, please refer to this article “Why Lubricant is Important“.


Don’t feel limited to using only one type of lubricant. Most couples find themselves with a lubricant in each category to vary up their love life. We will give some recommendations to get you started. Let’s begin by breaking down each category, along with the pros and cons of each.


Natural Lubricant

Females will naturally produce a fluid to help with lubrication. More commonly this process is referred to as “getting wet.” When the female body gets aroused, she produces arousal fluids that can help cut down the friction of any penetration – be it finger(s), toy, penis, etc.



  • This product is free. No purchase necessary.
  • It is easy to clean up.
  • Can be used with condoms safely. (Warning: some research suggests that no lubrication causes tearing of the condom because of too much friction.)
  • No worries about being allergic to any ingredients found in other lubricants.
  • Easy to have spontaneous sex.


  • It doesn’t last very long, especially when you have intercourse. The penis is similar to a sponge and it absorbs any lubrication you’ve created; potentially causing dryness.
  • Arousal fluids will be affected by hormonal changes, certain types of medications, menstrual cycle, etc.
  • If you will not have any lubrication if decide to do anal penetration.
  • At times, natural lubrication takes a while to make an appearance, despite how aroused you may be.


Water-based Lubricant


  • Feels light and more similar to natural lubrication.
  • Doesn’t leave much of a mess on clothes or sheets.
  • Safe to use with condoms.
  • Considered to be gentle on the skin.
  • Can be used with sex toys.


  • It dries out during penetration and may need to be reapplied.
  • Cannot be used during water play (including sex in the bath, shower, pool, etc.)
  • May contain ingredients that your body is allergic to.

Simple but effective Astroglide is a calssic


Silicon-based lubricant


  • A thicker formula that is not absorbed into the skin, which makes it last longer.
  • Can be used for water and anal play.
  • Helps with vaginal dryness.
  • Use for sex that lasts for a while or having sex multiple times in a session without having to reapply (I won’t be defining how long or how many times that may be. You’ll know when it’s best to switch to a silicon-based lubricant.)
  • Known to be hypoallergenic.
  • Typically can be used with condoms, but you may need to double check if your brand will break down latex.



  • Harder to wash off.
  • Can and will stain clothing and sheets.
  • Cannot use with silicone sex toys. It will deteriorate the silicon and ruin the toy. (Can be used with toys made of hard plastic, ceramic, or glass).

Not actual gun oil in case you were curious


Hybrid lubricants


  • You are able to enjoy the lighter feel of a water-based lubricant while having the benefits of a silicone formula.
  • Can be used for water and anal play.
  • Generally safe with condoms, but check to see if your brand will break down latex.


  • Slightly harder to wash off than water-based lubricants.
  • Can and will stain clothing and sheets.
  • Cannot use with silicone sex toys.

A good example of a hybrid lubricant (also it is coconut flavor!!!)


Oil-based lubricants


  • Typically comes from natural products.
  • A good alternative for people with sensitive skin.
  • Oil-based can be used for sensual massages.
  • Use with water play.



  • Hard to clean and will stain clothes and sheets.
  • Will break down a condom
  • The pH levels in an oil-based lubricant may not match the pH levels found in the vagina, which can lead to infection. (Many women have learned the hard way not to use petroleum jelly!) Be careful when using oil-based lubricants.

Must be on a coconut kick, but you know it’ll do the trick

Specialty/Novelty Lubricants

Couples who like to spice things up in their relationship may turn to novelty lubricants. They include warming, cooling, flavored, or edible. Use these to your discretion. Many couples will have their favorites in these categories, while other couples detest these items with a passion. The only way to discover your preference is to try them out.


If you ever venture into a novelty sex store, they usually have samples for you to try. If you don’t want to go to a novelty sex store, consider emailing a provider of lubricants and request a sample from them.

A fairly common Novelty Lubricant that can be found in lots of places


Things to be aware of

While some lubricant companies accept the responsibility to provide the best possible product, there are some that don’t care nearly as much. When looking for a lubricant, it’s wise to look at the ingredients list. Try to avoid any product that contains glycerin, nonoxynol-9, petroleum, propylene glycol, chlorhexidine glucose, or sugar. If you’re interested in why these products are harmful to the body, you can find plenty of online resources that can explain each one in detail.


If you find a lubricant that mentions being glycerin, paraben, and petroleum free, that lubricant is probably a good product to look into. Avoiding those specific ingredients is a personal choice since some people don’t have problems with them.


pH Levels

When adding a lubricant to your intimate life, the pH levels in female genitalia are sensitive to anything you introduce. The recommended pH levels for any lubricant are between 3.5 – 4.5.


If you have any specific questions about lubricants, you may comment below. Don’t be afraid to ask your doctor as well.


We hope this knowledge helps you feel confident to try out different types of lubricants in your intimate life.


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