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How to make a honeymoon basket for newly married couples

Many times, when we hear of our closest friends and/or family members announce they are getting married, one starts thinking about a wedding gift. Most of the wedding guests will refer to the couple’s registry list at Bed, Bath, and Beyond or Target figuring they will buy appliances, serving platters, linens, etc.

If you are in a closer circle with the couple, consider putting together with a few others a honeymoon basket. What better gift for a new couple to receive than a basket full of items that will help their wedding night go smooth.

Here is a list of products and items to consider including in a honeymoon basket:


Newly married couples that leave their wedding or reception find themselves parched for water. From making sure their details of the wedding aren’t missed to constant streams of people wanting to share the congratulations, the bride and groom have little time to hydrate. Once they leave the party, a bottle of water would be greatly welcomed.

Water canteen/bottle

This is an optional item, but one that would be greatly appreciated. As the new couple is about to embark on their honeymoon, a water canteen/bottle is usually not found on the packing list. When the couple is sightseeing or visiting landmarks, a water canteen is convenient to fill up, as well as cheaper than buying several plastic water bottles.

Food Gift Certificates & Snacks

Food gift certificates are a huge help to the new couple. Wedding guests may have sent food gift certificates already, but they aren’t typically accessible for the couple if they want to grab a bite to eat on their way to the hotel or honeymoon. The gift certificate doesn’t need to be a lot of money, but enough to help them buy a sandwich or a small meal. Some snacks you can include are fruits, veggies, granola bars, jerky, and a small dessert or treat. Avoid adding too many sugary options since the couple may be hungry for substantial food.


Chapstick is another item that a couple might not think to pack. After a long day of visiting with relatives and acquaintances, these items may be just the ticket to a more comfortable evening.


A bubbly cider or other drink can help the newlywed couple to wind down their evening into a more romantic setting. Pair the bubbly with a couple of plastic wine flutes (not glass since broken glass would be seen as inconvenient; especially if the couple is wanting to pack them for their honeymoon destination.) **Don’t forget to send the bottle opener or corkscrew.

Massage Lotions and Supplies

There is no need to be excessive with these supplies as a simple lotion or cream will help the couple to set the mood. Tack on a head massage or massage gloves as a nice addition. The couple will appreciate these.


A well-experienced couple will probably know which lubricants they favor and will have these items as first priority as they pack for the honeymoon. A novice couple may need a little more help in this arena. A few tips to follow if you are buying for the latter couple:

1) Don’t buy the cheap stuff. The cheap stuff is sticky, smelly, and messy. If you are a couple that have had these lubricants, there would be little surprise if they have split in a suitcase or in the ‘sex drawer’ and made a huge mess. Additionally, these lubricants are rarely used and they either are thrown away or stored away for collecting dust.

2) Avoid the heating and cooling lubricants. These lubricants add additional sensations during sex, but for the less experienced, the sensations may be a bit too much. The couple will have a lifetime to use these products later.

3) If you have the funds to do so, buy them a variety of lubricants. You can refer to the following guide Different types of lubricants to help you decide which lubricants you can purchase.

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Sex Toy

A sex toy is a gift that you need to carefully consider if you are going to include it in the wedding basket. Intimate objects are an extremely personal choice and if you chose not to include one, the couple will be none the wiser. Most veteran couples have made up their minds whether or not they have decided to include a sex toy in their relationship. On the other hand, including a sex toy in the basket for a virgin couple will help them feel they have permission to include sex toys in their marriage. They don’t have to use it right away, but the fact that it’s included will ease the couple into having a discussion about sex toys at some point.

Novelty Products

Sex dice, “Ring for sex” bell, position books (The vibrator above comes with a free e-book with sex positions) are a good start. If you want to tease the couple with some snacks try pop rocks, edible body markers, edible underwear (For guys too!). These items can be jokes or really fun additions to the basket. Wrapping them up as gifts is a great way to add some surprise to the basket. And for real who doesn’t want to open wrapped presents?

As you can see, a honeymoon basket is a very appropriate gift to give the newlywed couple to make their wedding night special. We’d love to add to this list. What things did you receive or wished you had received for your wedding night? Head over to our discussion page and share your opinion! 

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