Why You Should Use Lubricant

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Why Lubricant is Important

Some may question why would a person need to use lubricant during sex. Consider this simple analogy: if you think about a car, lubricant is a must. Not only does it help the car run more smoothly, but it also helps reduce friction, heat, and wear. There are countless stories of individuals who didn’t care properly for their car; mainly by neglecting oil changes during routine recommended times. When the car runs out of oil, the car engine will instantly seize and be destroyed. If you don’t want to buy a new car, keep your parts lubricated.


Luckily, our bodies won’t cease to perform if we don’t artificially lubricate for sex. Women have a natural lubrication called arousal fluid that is created during foreplay and the excitement phase. The penis does not create any lubrication; in fact, it can easily be compared to as a sponge that will take any lubrication and not give any back. Leaving the woman’s genitalia high and dry.


Many couples choose to forgo the lubrication and still find themselves having a fulfilling sex life because they can create enough arousal fluid. However, the majority of couples find themselves needing to use lubricant to achieve a healthy intimate life with their partner. Especially when the female body isn’t able to produce enough fluid.


Below are some of the reasons why it’s important to use lubrication.


Sex is more fun

With the help of lubrication, sex is more playful. Flavored lubricants add variety to oral sex. If you’ve been thinking of introducing a sex toy into the bedroom, be aware that you don’t want to use sex toys without lubrication. It can make for an extremely uncomfortable experience otherwise. You can easily make applying the lubricant part of foreplay, to make it more exciting.



Using lubrication is more comfortable. While having sex, maintaining the right amount of friction is a key ingredient to help achieve orgasm. If you accidentally over-lubricate, it can take away the necessary friction and may ruin the chances of orgasm – but this can be easily remedied by using a towel or a rag to wipe away the excess moisture. On the other hand, too much friction can ruin the experience for both people by the simple fact that it hurts.


As children, you may recall of a torture technique used by you or on you where one kid clasps another kid’s arm with both hands; then twisting the skin in opposite directions. Not only did it leave a burning sensation, but it could also leave a red mark for hours, possibly even days. Imagine that level of discomfort down by our genital areas. Lubrication is excellent at helping prevent that type of irritation.


Lowers Chance of Infection

While friction is occurring during intercourse, the sensitive skin in a woman’s genital area can become irritated, which can lead to the woman getting small tears in the vaginal tissue. Although this type of tearing would only be seen at a microscopic level, it is still an invitation to infection. Since the use of lubrication decreases this type of irritating friction, the chance of getting vaginal tears would also decrease; lowering your chance of infections.  


Long-term Benefits

Going back to the concept of vaginal tears, when a woman’s tissue gets irritated enough to cause tears, those tears will heal as scars. Over time, these scars will decrease the sensitivity she has in her vaginal area. There may even be a chance that this can cause a decrease in sexual satisfaction over time. Lubricant can help protect the woman from this potential problem..


Other Uses

Even though the vaginal area has been focused on in this article, the same principles apply to why it’s vital to use lubrication in the anal area.


Ready to choose a lubricant?

Refer to this article titled Choosing a Lubricant for more information on things to look out for and categories of the different types of lubricants.

Our Top 3 Quick Reference Recommendations

1.Astro Glide

This is a simple but effective lubricant that is a good first introduction to the bedroom scene. This is a good all around water-based lubricant that is easy to find around and reliable. It can be found in other flavors, solubilities, and sizes (including under 3 oz. if you are travelling)

2. Whipped by Pure Romance

Whipped by Pure Romance is an edible lubricant that can sweeten things up in the bedroom pretty quick. It smells nice and can help couples explore more avenues in the bedroom!

3. K&Y Yours and Mine Couples Lubricants

This lubricant set is also a good entry-level pair. It comes with 2 lubricants that create some fun sensations when combined. Some people have expressed a little discomfort so use it with caution.