Why Sex Toys

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Why a sex toy?

Over the course of time, there seems to have been a negative connotation that came along with having sex toys. Thankfully we’re living in an age that is more accepting of using sex toys for personal or couple time.


I once knew a woman who approached me for some suggestions to help her intimate relationship with her husband. She and her husband were an older couple and had faced sexual challenges. I recommended a particular toy and lubricant to enhance their sexual relationship. She later followed up with her realization that she had been missing out on pleasure for many years.


Here are a few tips to help you decide whether any sex toys could improve your intimate relationships.


Understand the categories of sex toys

Most sex toys fall under the following various categories. There are toys for clitoral stimulation, vaginal stimulation, G-spot stimulation, anal stimulation, dual action, and penis stimulation. Please click here to find our dictionary for explanations.

If you’re wondering which toy that with might be best for you to begin with, you can click here to go to our product map of sex toys.


Good Vibes

Vibration can be a very powerful tool for sexual intimacy. As amazing as they are, sexual organs don’t perform or pleasure in the same way that vibration does. Be aware that vibrator toys shouldn’t replace your sexual intimacy in a relationship. Vibrators can help compliment your relationship.


Better Sex

Whether you find yourself not necessarily in the mood, or you’ve never really experienced anything that has made you feel like you can achieve orgasm, some toys are built specifically to help in those areas. For example, women have a mysterious place called the G-spot, which can trigger powerful orgasms. By simply putting the specially-designed toy in the vaginal area near the G-spot before intercourse, it will help pulse blood to that area, making it more sensitive to the touch while penetration is happening.


Sex toys can help overcome health interruptions in your sex life

For a woman who has medical issues that prevent her from having intercourse, a male sleeve can assist pleasuring her partner when she is unable to have coitus. While a male who is undergoing medical issues that prevents him from receiving stimulation and remains flaccid during sex may benefit greatly from having a strap-on penis so he can still pleasure his partner.


Achieving Orgasm Quicker

On nights when there no plans, it’s always amazing to be able to take your time and really savour each moment of your intimate night. Other times in life, you might only have 5-10 minutes before you have to move on to your next project. A sex toy can bring individuals to arousal quicker (if you’ve used it a few times and are familiar with the product), as well as achieving orgasm more quickly – so those quickies can really be quick.


If you have chosen to purchase sex toys, We recommend this one as a starter for couples (it even comes with a free e-book!) I suggest reviewing our Picking a Vibrator.


Keep in mind buying a sex toy can be a new experience could take some time to get used to. For many people, sex toys are completely natural to use and they get pleasure right off the bat. Don’t worry if you find that you use it for the first time and it was an awkward feeling, it may take some getting used to using.  We recommend taking things slow and exploring together.